Instagram Reels Mastery Course


Master the art of creating engaging Instagram Reels that go viral!

Build a strong social media presence and boost your brand’s exposure with our easy-to-follow Instagram Reels Mastery Course.

  • Tap Into The Power of Instagram Reels Marketing
  • Create Instagram Reels That Attracts Leads and Sales!
  • Create Engaging & Viral Reel Videos
  • Use Instagram Analytics to Improve
  • Use the Tools & Tricks of the Pros
  • Learn to run Instagram Reels Ads
  • Trusted By more than 25,000 people

Become an Expert In Instagram Reels.


Instagram Reels Mastery Course

Learn the Art and Science of making the most Viral and Engaging Reels. For Artists, Bloggers, Influencers, Brands, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, etc. who want to skyrocket their account by Instagram Reels Mastery Course


  • Learn the art of making Viral Reels.
  • Grow your account and followers with our Master Strategies.
  • Upgraded with latest 2022 Instagram Updates.
  • Master IG Reels Ads.
  • Covers from Basic to the Complex details of Reels and it’s algorithm.
  • Infographic Explanation.
  • Includes Free 500+ Hashtags Cheat sheet.
  • 9+ Modules Included.
  • Structured eBook with Easy Language & Explanation.
  • No need to spend ₹5000-₹10000 to learn the same skill from others
  • No need to Waste Time in figuring everything yourself.
  • Make your Profile or Brand a Famous Influencer and reach Millions.

This course covers from the Basics to the Complex Strategies and Knowledge of IG Reels.


1 –  Understanding IG Reels

  • What is Instagram Reels?
  • Reels vs TikTok
  • Reels vs Stories
  • Benefits of using Reels

2Where to find Reels?

  • Deep dive into various ways of getting to Reels.

3Tools of IG Reels

  • Understanding various tools and features of IG Reels

4Make your First Reel

  • Detailed steps of creating a video in Reel
  • Adding music to Reels
  • Instagram Reels dimensions and sizes
  • Using Pre-existing videos
  • Reels Cover

5Reels Analytics and Insights

  • What is Reels Analytics?
  • Why is tracking Reels analytics important?
  • How to track Instagram Reels analytics?
  • How to Access Instagram Reels Insights?
  • How to use Instagram Reels analytics to make better Reels?

6 – Reels Algorithm

  • How the IG Reels Algorithm works?
  • Making use of the Algorithm

7 – How to Use IG Reels For Business

  • Strategies to make and use Reels for Business
  • Detailed steps to make a perfect Reel

8 – Instagram Reel Ads

  • What are IG Reels ads?
  • Where will my IG Reels ads be displayed?
  • How to set up an Instagram Reels ad?
  • Instagram Reels ads best practices

9 – Tips, Tools & Conclusion

  • External tools to make Reels
  • Best Practices of Reels
  • Tricks of Reels


🎁Bonus – Hashtag Cheat Sheet


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